Some of our cats test positive for the FIV virus. These cats often turn out to be some of the friendliest cats as they appear to be so grateful to have a warm bed, regular food and someone around who actually cares

Good homes are always needed for our rescue cats but not all cats are suitable for everyone and finding the right home is very important to us, as is finding the right cat for you.

Our rescue cats are fully health checked, neutered, FIV/FELV tested, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and micro-chipped on re-homing. 

This gives them the best possible start  for their new and happy home.

All have their own unique story.  Some are timid, some are a bit battered through fighting with other cats, some are old.  Others would get on well with another cat or children and some not.  All have different personalities and needs.

We can help find the right cat for you.

All homes are visited by one of our volunteers prior to re-homing/adoption.
An adoption fee of £80 is payable on re-homing

Below are some of our cats for re-homing – read their stories, can you find your next rescue cat?

Our cats

Susan’s cat Spot

In need of a home

Hello, my name is Spot. I was rescued by my foster mum Susan from her front garden. I was stealing the food she put out for the fox. When she noticed she started to feed me. I was a very dirty and scruffy boy but she took me in and to her vet to be […]

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Totty is just approaching one year old. She has not had a good start being born outside. When she was younger she had an accident and broke her left front leg. People feeding her just left her to carry on limping and holding it up. When we eventually asked to come and help her many […]

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In need of a home

Pepper and his brother Salt are both ten months old. They are both very shy and dot not like to be stroked but not aggressive. They were born outside in a garden and had not been handled so would take a lot of time and patience to bring these two around, a real challenge.

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In need of a home

At ten months old Salt and his brother Pepper are still vey shy and do not liked to be stroked very much, but not aggressive They were born outside in a garden and had not been handled so would take a long time and a lot of patience to bring these two round, a real […]

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Feral Cats

In need of a home

Feral Cats are in as much need as friendly ones. They are often found in small groups in some back gardens or larger colonies on waste ground or behind shops etc. These type of cats are difficult to place so we are always looking for somewhere for them to go. Some people are happy to […]

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