Our mission is to provide the necessary care and veterinary treatment to the local stray cat population and working to promote responsible pet ownership by encouraging pet owners to get their pets neutered today to avoid tomorrow's stray.
Stray cats

Our origins

Animal Aid and Advice began when two dog owners met by chance whilst one was ‘walking the dogs’ – their conversation ranged from the care of owned pets to the many and various problems affecting the stray, the neglected and the unwanted animals.

Within weeks an idea was born, a lasting friendship had developed and ANIMAL AID & ADVICE started its life.  It was launched by Jean Everett and Doris Gaerty in April 1971.

Sadly, Doris has now died but we had the privilege to meet Jean and one of the original co-workers Maureen Aldous at our 2017 AGM.

We still uphold the original policy and aims of working to promote responsible pet ownership and to improve the health and reduce the suffering by encouraging the neutering of animals to prevent unwanted litters.  Also to encourage fostering of rescued animals until permanent and satisfactory homes can be found.

All animals in our care are given appropriate veterinary treatment and no animal is euthanised unless deemed necessary by a veterinary surgeon.

How we work

We have no centre, shelter or office.  All the cats are fostered in members’ own homes until permanent homes are found.

Many of our cats are timid, abused, middle-aged or old and many come into care requiring veterinary attention.  Animals often stay in our care for some considerable time, thus incurring high costs in foster and veterinary fees.

Neutering of stray cats and kittens is an important part of the work we do. It is the best way to protect against dangerous viruses that are passed on through mating and fighting.


Charity shop itemsThe majority of our funds come from our Charity shop based at 48 High Road, East Finchley, N2 9PJ.

We always appreciate donated goods from the public to sell in our shop.  We are open most days 10.30 – 4.30pm.  But always best to phone first as the shop is run on a voluntary basis and occasionally we are closed.   Telephone: 0208 444 6290           If local to us we may be able to arrange a collection.

We work hard fundraising to cover the costs involved in our rescue work.  We are always very grateful to the public for their generous support, whether given in time, energy or donations of any kind.