An average spend by us on a basic rescue cat is £140. Hobi is one that has needed extra veterinary care as you can see. After being neutered, shaved, bathed and many teeth removed, he is now happy in his permanent foster home still being supported by the charity due to his age and being a stray too long.
Hobi before and after

Donations are how we fund the work that we do as we do not get any funding from other sources.  Donations come in many forms.

Donations of goods that can be sold in our charity shop.

These can be taken to the shop directly or, if local, we can arrange for someone to collect.

Shop Address:    48 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9PJ.
Telephone:          0208 444 6290

It is always best to phone the shop prior to bringing in donations as we are all volunteers and some days a volunteer may not be not able to come in.

Our Lend-a Paw scheme

Where your contributions are paid monthly by standing order directly into our bank account to support the veterinary costs.

One off monetary payments

Can be sent direct to our East Finchley shop or transferred through using the Donate button on the Website.


This can come in many forms: sponsored walks, table-top sales, home made items sold on behalf of the charity etc. etc.  We would welcome any support.


Leaving us a gift in your will.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member will keep you in touch with our work and you will receive our newsletter twice yearly.