In need of a home

Jack is a friendly quiet gentle cat who likes a stroke and and a head rub. He does not sit on your lap but happy to sit beside you.

He is about 5 – 6 years of age. He has been in a home but his owner has gone into residential so he has come back to us so we can find him a new one.

We are looking for a home with no children as he is not used to them but he will need a garden as he enjoyed going out.


In need of a home

Titch is about four years old. He’s a large (no kidding) fluffy cat, friendly and loves attention.

He was very matted when we picked him up so he will need to be groomed on a regular basis where he really enjoys his daily brush.

He is very confident now and loves attention where he is first in the que for any strokes and food!

Yes Food, he loves food, so can appear greedy. His weight will have to be watched and he is a little overweight being in foster care so the sooner he is able to run around more freely and have garden access he should trim down a bit, as his long fur makes him appear a bit wider (ha ha) than he really is.

Would make a nice family pet for someone with time to play and groom him with garden access.

Like all rescue cats will need time to settle in but can easily be bribed with food!

Samson- Fiv+

In need of a home

Samson is a very handsome white and ginger about three to four years old.

He has tested FIV positive so a home with a secure garden or catio would be best for this gentle giant.

He is friendly, loves attention, quite vocal and would make an ideal pet for a family where there is lots going on as he like to be in the middle of things ie. centre of attraction.

Jeff Seymour

In need of a home

This very confident distinguished looking cat is about 4yrs old.

He is a friendly boy who likes some attention he will sit beside you but not on laps yet. Not suitable with younger children but in a family with teenagers would be ok.

He will need a garden to do all the cat things that cats normally do.

Feral Cats

Feral cats

In need of a home

Feral Cats are in as much need as friendly ones. They are often found in small groups in some back gardens or larger colonies on waste ground or behind shops etc. These type of cats are difficult to place so we are always looking for somewhere for them to go. Some people are happy to have a couple of feral cats living in their garden and as long as they provide dry warm shelter and food can live a long and happy life and even can get quite friendly over time.