In need of a home

Jeffrey is about five years old, semi long haired with a thick bushy tabby tail.

He’s still quite shy so will need a bit of time and patience to settle him in. So not suitable for young children, teenagers perhaps but not too many.

Eats anything you put in front of him and very fast so he must have been a hungry stray for some time. A nice garden to play around in would suit him very well.


In need of a home

Donald is about four years old. Semi long haired ginger boy who has a white mark in his left eye that the vet says is an old injury as a reminder of his difficult start in life. It doesn’t seem to bother him.

Still very shy so will need someone who understands that he will take a bit of time and effort to help settle him in. Not suitable for young children but would probably be ok with teenagers.

Would like a garden to do cat things.


In need of a home

Messi is about four years old. He is still a shy cat and would need a lot of patience to allow him to develop into a really friendly cat, but we are sure there is one in there somewhere. He’s still shy of loud noises so a calm home would suit him best. He needs to be an only cat as does not like other cats.

He is very good about the house and has no interest in scratching the furniture but uses his scratching pads.

His favourite toy is like a pyramid where the balls roll around and he loves to bash them about.

He loves his food and will eat anything you put down for him, he could do with losing a bit of weight so lots of playtime needed here.

He’s a cat that would benefit from having a garden to play and do cat things in.


In need of a home


At 15 months old Salt and his brother Pepper are still vey shy and do not liked to be stroked very much, but not aggressive

They were born outside in a garden and had not been handled so are classed as semi-feral and would take a long time and a lot of patience to bring these two round, a real challenge.

Feral Cats

Feral cats

In need of a home

Feral Cats are in as much need as friendly ones. They are often found in small groups in some back gardens or larger colonies on waste ground or behind shops etc. These type of cats are difficult to place so we are always looking for somewhere for them to go. Some people are happy to have a couple of feral cats living in their garden and as long as they provide dry warm shelter and food can live a long and happy life and even can get quite friendly over time.