FIV in need of an indoor home

Stanley is about 3 years of age. Left to left to roam un-neutered and get into fights he is now another one of our FIV cats, a great shame for this very handsome boy.

He has taken his time to settle but we think he is now ready for a fresh start to his short life so far. We think he’s bored waiting so someone needs to hurry and snap him up as he said he can’t wait forever.

Adults only we think unless teenagers who won’t mind this spikey rogue who is always up for a challenge (with you!) as he doesn’t like to be pushed around or told what to do, just like any typical teenagers, as that is what he really is in cat years, a teen, so mum and dads be warned!

An indoor home with space to roam or secure garden is what he needs.


FIV in need of an indoor home

Ryany is approx 5 years old. He was one of our strays that had had a difficult time outside. With a nasty open neck wound that extended from halfway from the back of his neck to the front which was badly infected. He still has some bald patches that we think will never grow fur but you can only see it at a certain angle.

He is a quiet cautious cat that takes things slowly but he has come a long way from when he first came into us and now enjoys being brushed and stroked.

He would get on with another calmer quiet cat and has been with our other FIV cat Liam and they respect each other.

A quiet home with no children with people who would be sensitive to his needs as he still nips occasionally if he feels insecure, this will improve with time though as he hardly does it at all now.

An indoor home or with a safe enclosed garden for this young man so he can have a happy home.