In need of a home

Leena is a pretty tabby female who is about three years old. She is friendly and playful and would make a lovely family pet, but not suitable for children.

Meet Raine

In need of a home

Raine who is about four years old is mostly black with a dash of white on his chest. He is an affectionate cat who loves attention but will let you know when he’s had enough.

A home with experienced, understanding cat owners, who will be aware that he would need time to settle in, would be ideal for this rather scruffy, (at the moment,) but lovely boy but not suitable with children.

A nice garden to run, play and chase to do all the usual cat things that cats get up to would be perfect for this lad about town.


In need of a home

Titch is about four years old. He’s a fairly big cat, friendly, if a little shy.

He was very matted when we picked him up so has had a lot of fur removed. See other photo of him of his tail like a feather duster.

Would make a nice pet for someone with a little patience in the beginning to allow his full personality to come out.

Samson- Fiv+

In need of a home

Samson is a very handsome white and ginger about three to four years old.

He has tested FIV positive so a home with a secure garden or catio would be best for this gentle giant.

He is friendly, loves attention, quite vocal and would make an ideal pet for a family where there is lots going on as he like to be in the middle of things ie. centre of attraction.

Jacob FIV+

FIV+ In need of a home

Jacob is our newest cat in. Another un-neutered tom who has tested FIV.

He is about five years old and very friendly. Very vocal so will like company and lots going on around him and will be very keen to join in the fun and games.

An indoor home or an enclosed garden is what we are looking for for this very handsome boy.

Jeff Seymour

In need of a home

This very confident distinguished looking cat is about 4yrs old.

He is a friendly boy who likes some attention he will sit beside you but not on laps yet. Not suitable with younger children but in a family with teenagers would be ok.

He will need a garden to do all the cat things that cats normally do.

Susan’s FIV Cat Spot

FIV+ In need of a home

Spot was a stray that turned up outside her front door in a poor state. After going to the vet he tested FIV positive so we are looking for an indoor home for this lovely boy.

Susan has had him for over a year now in a spare room as she has her own cats so he is quite lonely and because during the virus she was not able to do home checks as she wants to meet the adoptive parents for this very special boy.

He is on long term medication. a mild steroid to keep his gums from flaring up which often happens with the FIV virus and this would need to continue so a vet trip every three months would be needed.

He is very friendly, loves attention and would get on with another cat but not necessary, so can be adopted as a single cat.