Ginger Boy

In need of a home with garden

This young lad is waiting to find a new home.

He is a stray being fed in someones garden but we have no space for him as yet.

If a home comes up for him we will be able bring him in.

Liam FIV+

FIV+ In need of a home

Liam is about 5 years old. Unfortunately has tested FIV positive, this shows that he’s had a bad start in life with, whoever owned him when he was a kitten and growing up, did not love him enough to get him neutered.

Still a bit of a toughy but is much better. You can see he is getting rather bored in foster care but has come on very well from how he was at first.

Will have a good few scratches on his head (and a little brush whilst eating) before he says, ok, that’s enough, I don’t want you thinking I’m getting soft!

Will be a great character with the right person or people with a bit of time and patience.

Mum Cat

In need of a home

Photo of mum cat on her own. She is a very friendly cat who loves attention.

Mum cat and kittens

In need of a home

Mum with her three kittens. All have been neutered.

Mum just over a year and kittens are now six months old. Black and white kitten is female and is very close to mum so would like them to go together.

Black kitten and tabby are both boys

Lucy & Lily

In need of a home

Lucy is about 18 months old and the smaller Lily is about 9 months old. Both cats are very friendly and became close friends in foster care so we are looking for a home for them together.

Would suit a family with older children.


In need of a home with garden

Mimi is a young torty female semi long haired. A little shy but loves attention.

Would suit a calmer home with no children. A garden for her to investigate and do cat things will make for her a happy life.

Moonface Bob

In need of a home with garden

Moonface Bob is about two and a half years old. He is mostly white with some black patches.

A friendly lovely boy who loves attention. Will not sit on your lap but will sit beside you happily on the sofa.

A family with older children or a mature couple might suit this boy best with a garden.

Pip and Cassie

In need of a home with garden

These two young cats are about 7 months old. They get on very well so a home together is what we are looking for.

Full of fun and mischief they would be great fun in a family environment with a garden.

The tabby is the boy Pip and the dark torty the female Cassie.


In need of a home with garden

Amy is about 10 moths old. She is a friendly playful little cat who enjoys running around and playing with her toys.

Would suit a family as she likes to be involved with whatever is going on.

She will need a garden as she enjoys chasing around anything that moves.