In need of a home

It’s a cats life here, never had it so good. After spending the last couple of years pounding the streets getting into a few scraps, it’s surprising I’m still looking so good.

The handsome fella you see before you is about three years old and I don’t mind telling you myself I’m a fine looking chap.

A warm bed, lots of food (my foster mum calls me hoover) don’t know why, a fellas got to eat haven’t they? A cuddle doesn’t go amiss either and a nice game of chase, anything that moves will do. I would like a nice garden as I do like to nosey around a bit to see what’s going on and keep an eye on things, like you do.

A nice family that fits the above criteria will be taken into serious consideration.

Any potential owners please step up and show yourselves.

Other cats in need of a home

Feral Cats

In need of a home

Feral Cats are in as much need as friendly ones. They are often found in small groups in some back gardens or larger colonies on waste ground or behind shops etc. These type of cats are difficult to place so we are always looking for somewhere for them to go. Some people are happy to […]

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The Dude

In need of a home

Dude is a mature tabby male about 8 years old that had been a stray over the allotments for a good few years. He was rescued when his feeder made contact with us to say he is not able to eat and keeps pawing his mouth. It turned out poor Dude had a bone stuck […]

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Meet Lottie

In need of a home

Lottie is another cat living over the allotment.  She has become very friendly and I’m sure would like to come home with someone away from the cold winter that is about to descend upon us. A small cat who is about two years old and would love a warm place to sleep and some much […]

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Fergal – FIV+

FIV+ In need of a home

Fergal was not too happy being disturbed from his sleep to have his photo taken so he looks rather grumpy, but he is no grump. He is an extremely friendly loving big tom cat who has tested FIV+. He is about three years old and would make a lovely addition to any family.

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In need of a home

Amelia is a young female about two to three years old. She is very friendly and loves a cuddle despite being abandoned by her previous owner who just moved and left her behind. She would like to have a loving home again and a garden to play in.

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Pie – FIV+

In need of a home

Pie got his name from his big fat tummy. (he ate all the pies!) At first he looked like a pregnant female but turned out to be a handsome tom cat. Pie is a friendly boy but unfortunately has tested FIV positive but he would still make a lovely pet for the right person or […]

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In need of a home

Egg is mostly white with a few black patches and around one to two years old. Egg, known to his fosterer Alison as Eggy is a likable friendly chap. He would be a bit shy at first until he got to know you but then he would snuggle up close and would roll over for […]

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In need of a home

Laurel is a young female cat about 18months old. She is very playful and would benefit from having another cat to play with to help her settle in as she is a bit shy with people but gets on well with other cats, so she would make an ideal companion cat preferably a male, as […]

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Peter – FIV+

In need of a home

This very handsome boy who is very friendly and loves a cuddle has tested FIV positive. A great shame and all due to people not neutering their cats who then wander off and become strays that we end up picking up from the streets. He is mostly white with a few tabby patches here and […]

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In need of a home

My name is Martin and I am looking for a new home. I was out all alone and having to look after myself and always hungry. Thankfully I was found and am now in good health, food comes regular and I am a happy boy. I am though, still quite shy as I learnt very […]

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