Some of our cats test positive for the FIV virus. These cats often turn out to be some of the friendliest cats as they appear to be so grateful to have a warm bed, regular food and someone around who actually cares

Good homes are always needed for our rescue cats but not all cats are suitable for everyone and finding the right home is very important to us, as is finding the right cat for you.

Our rescue cats are fully health checked, neutered, FIV/FELV tested, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and micro-chipped on re-homing. 

This gives them the best possible start  for their new and happy home.

All have their own unique story.  Some are timid, some are a bit battered through fighting with other cats, some are old.  Others would get on well with another cat or children and some not.  All have different personalities and needs.

We can help find the right cat for you.

All homes are visited by one of our volunteers prior to re-homing/adoption.
An adoption fee of £80 is payable on re-homing

Below are some of our cats for re-homing – read their stories, can you find your next rescue cat?

Our cats

Liam & Luke

In need of a home

Meet Liam, grey and white and Luke, black and white.  Two brothers fully vaccinated etc. and about 16 weeks old.  They need to be homed together to give them confidence. We can handle them fine but they are still shy with people they don’t know.  They need an understanding home with people who will give […]

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In need of a home

Ziggy is a fairly large very friendly male cat who is about three years old. He would make an ideal pet for a family as he loves attention and playing around and of course his food. He would we think also get on ok with another cat as he is with another foster cat already […]

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Saffron is a lovely semi-long haired torty who is about one year old. She loves attention and would suit an environment with a lot going on or where she gets plenty of attention. She loves to play and would need some access to the outside. She is good with other cats and dog friendly.

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Belle is a lovely pure white cat who is around 3-4 years old and has had a hard life living outside having litter after litter of kittens. She is very friendly and affectionate yet quiet and unassuming and desperately needs a home of her own. She would suit an indoor home or one with an […]

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FIV+ In need of a home

Kiki is a lovely friendly female who is very affectionate and would love someone to take her home with them. Being a stray has not been the best start for Kiki as she has tested positive for the FIV virus. Ideally a home with an enclosed garden would be best for her or an indoor […]

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Bella is a young female who is about a year old.  She has had a difficult start as she was found very thin and dirty hiding under some large bins.  The people working there started to feed her and one decided that she just couldn’t be just left there so he took her home with […]

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Boris – Fiv +

In need of a home

Boris was a bit of a lad about town and unfortunately has tested FIV positive. He is a lovely friendly boy about three/four years old and does like a bit of a chat. Would this cheeky chappie fit in with your lifestyle? Would also get on with another cat.

Find out more about Boris – Fiv +


In need of a home

Clarence is a large tabby and white cat about 3-4 years old.  He will need a garden so he can go out and do cat things. You can see by his ears he has had a few fisti-cuffs and is lucky to have tested negative for the FIV virus. He is still full of cattitude […]

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In need of a home

Deacon is quite a petite lad who has a very sweet nature and about a year old.  He looks at you with the most beautiful pale green eyes. Found as a stray he is really affectionate now after a slow start.  He likes nothing better than to sit with you and enjoys lots of cuddles […]

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Yugi & his sister Tifa


‘Yugi on the right and his sister Tifa left are 4 years old.  Yugi, tabby and white, was named after an anime character called Yugioh and means king which he thinks is very appropriate ; and Tifa,  tortoiseshell and white, was named after Tifa Lockheart from the Final Fantasy series. They may be a little shy […]

Find out more about Yugi & his sister Tifa

Zak – FIV+

In need of a home

Zak has tested FIV+.  He is a handsome tabby and white male cat about three years old. Very unsure of himself in the beginning so he greeted us with big hisses but was not agressive in any way. He is now ready to be put up for adoption as he is getting better every day.  […]

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Meet Lottie

In need of a home

Lottie is another cat living over the allotment.  She has become very friendly and I’m sure would like to come home with someone away from the cold winter that is about to descend upon us. A small cat who is about two years old and would love a warm place to sleep and some much […]

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The Dude

In need of a home

Dude is a mature tabby male about 8 years old. Read Dude’s story to find out how we came to rescue him. Although a slow start to his rehabilitation, he is much more friendly now, i.e. no more hissing but still nervous.  He rubs against the chair leg when food comes so we are hoping […]

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Dude’s Story

In need of a home

Dude is a cat that had been a stray over the allotments for a good few years.  His feeder made contact with us to say he is not able to eat and keeps pawing his mouth.  We immediately got into action and went down there that very night.  We were extremely lucky and we managed […]

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Feral Cats

In need of a home

Feral Cats are in as much need as friendly ones. They are often found in small groups in some back gardens or larger colonies on waste ground or behind shops etc. These type of cats are difficult to place so we are always looking for somewhere for them to go. Some people are happy to […]

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